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Powerline industry warns it may not survive until grid roll-out ‘feast’ given current investment ‘famine’ - Dec 2023


FREE POLASA Industry Event with Monde Bala: Eskom Distribution Follow-up Meeting - 25 October 2023

POLASA’S Unbundling from The SAISC into an Independent Non-Profit Association

POLASA existed for many years as a sub-association component of the Southern African Institute of Steel Construction (SAISC). Earlier this year, the SAISC board strategically decided to no longer support sub-associations in their business model.

It therefore gives us great pleasure to announce that the POLASA board initiated a process to establish POLASA as an independent voluntary association with its own constitution. SAISC will be transferring remaining funds of the old POLASA structure to the new association. The formal name of the new association will be the “Power Operations and Leadership Association of Southern Africa” retaining the familiar POLASA acronym.


To ensure continuity, the board engaged the services of VdW&Co, an association management company based in Sandton, to assist us with a national office and all the back-office services that we will require to be a fully functional association.

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